Our Story
Our love for kava began a couple years ago while we were living in South Florida. While watching the local nightly news, we heard about something called kava. Kava? What the heck is that all about? The news reporter summarized it by calling it a new trendy beverage that had similar effects of alcohol without actually getting you drunk. You can probably guess what we did the very next night; we checked out the local kava bar (otherwise known as a nakamal).
While we had no idea what we were walking into, we were excited and very intrigued. We asked several questions to our super happy, friendly bartender yet in the morning we weren’t satisfied with what we knew. We had the best nights sleep and our dreams were intense and vivid. We wanted more; more kava, more information; more knowledge.
And this is where our quest began. Months and months of research, frequent trips to numerous kava bars, and conversations with people of knowledge has lead us to where we are today. We knew that Austin, TX would be the perfect place for their very own nakamal.