Low Tide
3(4oz) shells of Kava $10 / Waka upgrade +$2

High Tide
4(4oz) shells of Kava $12 / Waka upgrade +$3

Fiji Strain

  • Waka

    5.00 (4oz)

    Waka is the Fijian word for the lateral roots of the kava plant and is considered a noble Fijian cultivar. Our Waka hits drinkers fast with an inner warmth and mental bliss.

  • Tok

    4.00 (4oz)

    From the island of Kadavu, this kava starts with an intensely heady effect before shifting into a more robust muscular sedative.

Vanuatu Strains

  • Tanna Marang

    4.00 (4oz)

    Tanna Marang is the kava used for ceremonies on the island. A very well balanced kava whose heady effects are on par with its ability to enhance gravity.

  • Borogu

    4.00 (4oz)

    Borogu helps you feel relaxed while also staying alert. This kava drink brews beautifully and makes the perfect beverage for the true kava lover.

Add Flavor: $1.00 (per shell)                               Add The Dragon: $2.00 (per scoop)
(See the board for today’s flavors)                      (Intensify the feeling with an extra shot of instant Kava)

Ceremony Bowls
20 oz Kava $17.50
40 oz Kava $35.00

Happy Hour
Mondays From: 5pm to 8pm
Kava is ½ PRICE


We are proud to carry the flavorful Zhi Tea Collection.
Cup $2.50 or Pot $4.00

  • Oothu White, White Pomegranate, Ambrosia

  • Yerba Mate, Turkish Spice Mint, Sweet Desert Delight

  • Dragonwell, Cherry Sencha, Jasmine Green

  • Orange Blossom, Wuyi, Ginger Peach

  • Pu-Erh, Coconut Assam, Mango Black

Coffee by Casa Brazil
Cup 12 oz $2.00
Pot 17 oz $3.25

Soda Pop



Kava To-Go

“Low Tide” Kava To-Go Bottle $10.00 / Waka upgrade +$2
“High Tide” Kava To-Go Bottle $12.00 / Waka upgrade +$3

Kava Instant (30 grams) $19.99

¼ Kilo (250 grams)

Waka $32.00
Tanna Marang – $30.00
Boroguru – $30.00
Tok – $30.00

SquareRüt Kava Growler $40
+30 oz Fill $60
+50oz Fill $75

SquareRüt Growler Re-fill 30oz Kava $22
SquareRüt Growler Re-fill 50oz Kava $35

Kava Bar T-shirts $15.00
Coconut Shell Cups $3.99